our mission

To inspire a hope within the hearts of every person, fueled by this truth:

that a life given freely is free indeed!


  • To become a dynamic, spiritual filled church that reaches our city and touches the Central California region
  • To develop a resource center for people to receive the support they need to maximize their life
  • To provide a leadership school to strategically equip men and women to transform their world
  • To partner together to plant churches, release missionaries, and support the dreams of men and women around the world


  1. LOVE INTENTIONALLY: We believe that the church is God's chosen instrument for providing hope and truth to our communities and the world. The most powerful and world-changing experiences in history have come when a few believers committed themselves to loving people unconditionally and whole-heartedly. Therefore, Real Life Church strives to create opportunities for community outreach and spreading the Gospel around the world.
  2. GATHER TOGETHER: Inspired by the hope of the Gospel, we who share one faith and one Savior are committed to coming together to edify each other and strengthen our beliefs. It is for this purpose that we at Real Life Church gather weekly for worship, prayer, teaching, and fellowship.
  3. GROW DEEPER: We hold fast to the truth that God can make beauty from ashed. We highly value the potential of every individual and aspire to believe for their destiny's fulfillment. Taking broken people and helping God raise them up to become empowered contenders for the cause of Christ is the heartbeat of Real Life Church.
  4. LIVE AUTHENTICALLY: At Real Life Church, we believe in living honest, transparent, and genuine lifestyles. This means celebrating each other's strengths and working together on the areas of our lives where we come up short. No one is perfect, but together, we are stronger.
  5. DO LIFE TOGETHER: Real Life Church believes that truly authentic Christianity reflects the Father's heart for community. Our commitment to intentionally building relationships is our way of supporting one another in our journey to become authentic Christ followers.
  6. CONTRIBUTE EARNESTLY: We at Real Life Church are committed to devoting our lives to the cause of Christ. For this reason, we believe that everyone can and should be directly involved in giving faithfully serving in the church and in our community.
  7. ACTIVATE LEADERSHIP: At Real Life Church, we believe that everyone can and is called to lead others. Knowing that discouragement and abuse have robbed many of their ability to lead, our leadership team is committed to developing leadership skills and encouraging those who struggle to believe in themselves as potential leaders.