To our valued partners;

Friends, I just wanted to take a minute to say, "thank you" for all your recent support at Church In The Park this July. It truly was an awesome day as we saw over 350 people come out, 6 people accept Christ, 10 folks get water baptized and many others come check it out from the local neighborhood. It was a truly great day and it couldn't have happened without all of your support. Thank you for loving on this community!

Next, I wanted to encourage all of you to start making Wednesday Nights, 7 p.m. a HIGH PRIORITY to join us as we spend an hour or so seeking the Lord and asking him for a great outpouring of His spirit. So far, the times together have been powerful and we are seeing God move in people's lives and we want you to be a part of it. Also, I wanted to remind you that we still have two more Saturday Night Preview Services planned for this summer and I would love to see you there. For more information or to get signed up to help us launch this new effort, please click on this link. 

  Finally, I want to know that my heart is hungry to see this nation experience a great outpouring of God. As we stare at the TV and see all the news that is unfolding before our eyes, we can do one of two things. We can either shrink back and accept what is happening or we can press forward and seek God for our nation. I choose to press into the Lord and I want you to do the same. Please don't fulfill the prophecy of the "many that will see the wickedness and their hearts will grow cold" in these last days. Let the events happening around you inspire you to press on, dig deeper and pursue God with a reckless abandon. Now is the time for the church to stand and I will do it alone if I have too. I wish that all of you would press in and pursue Him with me... and who knows what He will do in our midst. I can't wait!

- Pastor James & Christina Seiler, Leadership Team of RLC