We have designed a series of courses to help you on your journey with God! These courses are created with you in mind, whether you are visiting church for the first time, or you've been serving Christ for a lifetime. To get more information, dates, and times, contact Cheryl McEachron.

attendees' journey

For those who have recently started attending Real Life Church of Galt:

  1. Starting Point: Watch this short introduction video to get to know our church a little better.
  2. Intro to RLC Class: Learn more about the vision of RLC and becoming a partner.
  3. Join a Life Group: We encourage everyone to join a life group and do life together. Please stop by the Welcome Center to find a group for you.
  4. Serve: The final step in the Attendees Journey is to find your place to serve, either within the church or in our community.

new believers' journey

For those who are just getting started on the Christian journey:

  1. Basics of Faith Class: A one-night course designed to cover the foundations of the Christian faith.
  2. Baptism Class/Baptism: A short class that covers the basics of baptism, so that you are prepared for your baptism experience.
  3. Life-Coaching: We encourage every new believer to get involved in a mentoring relationship, to help you grow.

believers' journey

For those who have been a Christian for a while:

  1. The Good Book Course: An eight-week comprehensive overview of the whole Bible.
  2. Spiritual Gifts Course: Discover your personal, God-given spiritual gifts and how to use those gifts with those around you.
  3. Evangelism Seminar: Learn how to effectively share your faith in Christ with others.
  4. "The Well" Deeper Worship Services: These quarterly worship services are for the mature believer to go deeper in worship, prayer, and God's Word.

leadership journey

For those ready to become a leader:

RLC Leadership University: High-level Bible college training, powerful seminars, and personal leadership development are all provided to help bring out the leadership calling in your life.

suggested for everyone

Cleansing Stream Course & Retreat: This six-week course plus retreat is designed to help heal the brokenness in your heart and set you free!