The Worship and Creative Arts Department of Real Life Galt consists of several areas that function separately but work together in unity and flow. We want to see God's Spirit move - to touch and change people's hearts. So we combine our talents, gifts, time, and energy to nurture an atmosphere that allows people to experience Him and connect with Him; all while maintaining a high value on knowledge and understanding of Gods Word. God continues to bring us people of all ages who are very gifted and talented in the areas of music, sound, media, visual arts, dramatic presentation, and marketing/advertising. Anyone interested in getting involved with any of the ministries listed below may contact Brandon Marek. We welcome new people all the time!

Our style of worship can be best categorized as a synthesis of contemporary and the revamping of classic worship from hymns all the way through to the modern era. We love to put our unique spin on current worship music. We even like to infuse original works on occasion. We are working towards recruiting and training up enough worship team members to rotate week-to-week, as well as having enough worshipers to send out to other churches in need, conferences, prayer meetings, and any places where we can help. If you would like to audition for the Real Life Worship Team, please contact Brandon Marek.

The sound team is truly the backbone of our entire worship experience. Using a digital soundboard is no less important than playing an instrument on a stage. We offer professional level training courses for all of our sound techs and hold each member to a high standard. Without them our band members would be far less effective at what they do. We are truly thankful for their hard work and dedication! If you are interested at all in learning how to become a sound technician or just want to better your skills for the church that you already serve at, sign up for one of our sound tech courses now. Join our sound team today!

The media team helps make it easier for the congregation to follow in worship by putting together the projected images and lyrics for the service. Throughout the week, this team helps create the visual images and design projects that are seen in our web site, bulletin, screens, and other printed materials. If you have the gift of media, or are willing to be trained on our easy-to-use media program, please let us know!


It doesn't get much easier than running our lighting for services! It's as simple as a push of a button. Lighting may seem insignificant until you don't have it. It adds a tremendous amount of value to our worship experience. If you are interested in the ministry of lighting, please sign up today!