It all really started with a thought - a desire in one family’s heart to see a city completely changed. In 2008, this family's heart began burning with a vision for the city of Galt. From that point, the Seilers began a journey to start a multi-faceted work (church, community center, and leadership development school) to transform a city and serve the Central Valley of California. With the oversight of Pastor Scott Hagan (Real Life Church, Sacramento), Pastor James, his wife Chris and the initial core team, set out to see this vision come to pass.

In September 2009, a small core group began in their new Galt residence, and quickly grew to over 50 people. The Lord did some amazing things in those early days: from our parade float in the annual 4th of July Parade, a booth at Herald Day, and our regular Friday Morning coffee and donuts giveaways. Truly, God was doing something and opening up peoples hearts. On, January 10, 2010, our church was officially LAUNCHED and how exciting it was! Many friends, family members and guests came out, several people accepted Christ, and the ministry was officially off the ground.

From then, our Sunday services continued at McCaffrey Middle School, and quickly grew to over 200 people in weekly attendance, with several small groups meeting throughout the week. Also, several ministries have been birthed, but most importantly, souls have been saved and transformed.

Not long after that, the Lord opened up a door for us to build a Community Center within the city limits and we had an amazing ribbon cutting celebration on August 24, 2013. It was an exciting time, as we saw several hundred new people come out and witness this historic event. On the following Sunday, we started our services at the new facility, with tons of new people coming out to celebrate with us. It was an amazing celebration of God's faithfulness.

Since that time, our church has continued to grow to over 300 people and expand it's impact throughout the region!